Grief Ministry

The Grief Ministry's Goal

 Is to help alleviate pain at the time of loss of a family member. Committee members provide comfort, assistance in  planning funeral liturgies or a memorial mass, and assist the family on the day of the funeral services.

The nature of this Ministry's work calls upon your compassion and ability to reach out to grieving families and do whatever may be necessary to exhibit our love, care and hospitality during their time of grief.

Those interested in joining this group should call the church office at (925) 625-2048.

Grief Ministry Members

 Are volunteers who are dedicated to support grieving families in their loss of loved ones by assisting in preparation of the funeral Liturgy, reception and after care with personal phone calls and visits.

Lay Ministers, as a part of the Grief Ministry, are committed to bringing Communion to the infirmed and homebound.

Grief Ministers and Lay Ministers shall attend training sessions before being certified.

Meetings are held once a month for assignments and business discussions.

For further information contact:

The Office          925-625-2048
-Libby Davies