Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


we have a responsibility to our God, Community and self.  That responsibility should be viewed with the sincerest devotion possible for all of our actions can be read by our congregation and those around us.  Only through our constant devotion to our call to ministry can we hope to mold and guide those wishing to know God more closely.

We are called to this ministerial action through our traditions and are directed by liturgical documents which our fathers have prayed over and agreed meet the expectations of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptism calls us to live a life of generous service and prayer.  This sacrament is the basic sacred symbol of our union with God through Jesus Christ.

Christians are called upon to serve in many ways:  Through a concern for social welfare, participation in the religious education of the community, by support of the Church through gifts, and by personal involvement in the ministries of the Church.

The Church has gone full circle in the matter of MINISTRY.  It began by sharing all ministries among the people of Christ progressing to a monopoly by the clergy and now, after the II Vatican Council, the reconstitution of the COMMON PRIESTHOOD OF THE FAITHFUL as granted to all in BAPTISM.


 Serve in two capacities.  Both are liturgical and pastoral in function.  Some serve at the liturgies.  Others provide Eucharist to the sick and shut-ins of the parish.  Ministers are people of faith, good morals, devoted to the Eucharist and share a reverence for it.  Ministers must believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacrament.  This gift from God is a holy communion with him.  It is a Eucharist, a gift of thanksgiving.  Finally, it is the Blessed Sacrament, kept safe, yet accessible for adoration.

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