We are happy that you made the decision of getting married and have a blessed matrimony. We assure you that God will bless your love. Therefore, we want to help you with the preparation of this special day, and one of our Priests will be more than happy to assist you throughout this journey.

The usual hours on Saturdays for weddings are at 12 p.m. or 2 p.m.


The following  information is only for those couples who haven't been married before,  are Catholics, and have the Sacraments of Initiation. Otherwise Please contact our  Parish Office for more Information.



  • One year to six months before the desired wedding date make an appointment and come to speak with a priest for the initial interview. (At this interview he will ask for some information, he will make sure that there are no impediments, will explain these steps to follow, and reserve the church for the wedding date.)

·          Documents you will need to bring from both of you:

  • Baptism Certificate (must be a recent copy {no older than 6 months} from the parish of baptism), First Communion Certificate and Confirmation Certificate.
  • Marriage license expedited one month before the wedding date by The Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder Office which is located at 555 Escobar St, Martinez, CA 94553 or go to www.ccclerkrec.us to the marriage section to ask for one. (The Church ceremony is also valid for civil marriage.) Or Marriage Certificate – if you are married by Civil Law.
  • All these documents should be here 4 weeks before the date of marriage.
  • Attend to one marriage preparation program {extra fee applies depending on which method is chosen}. The Diocese offers the Engaged Encounter, which is a weekend retreat.
  • A witness for each person. This witness should have known you well since the age of sixteen (or at least 5 years of knowing you). It is recommended that this witness be the mother or father of the bride/groom. They would also need to make an appointment to talk to the priest.
  • It is expected that you go to Confession the Saturday or Wednesday before the wedding here in our Parish or any other Catholic Parish of your convenience.



  • Marriage is a solemn feast, therefore it is expected to have music, please choose a choir you know or obtain a list from the parish office and make a contract with them. Church fees do not include Music. The music should be appropriate for a catholic wedding. If you choose to have someone that is not on our list, please provide their contact information. (Mariachi is not allowed)



  • It is important that you concentrate on the Religious Preparation of your Marriage, so that it may be a very special moment.
  • We ask that you choose and name two people to be the lectors at the Wedding.
  • Bride and participants must wear MODEST attire (no strapless gowns). Please cover your exposed parts with a shawl.
  • The Sponsors (Best-man/Maid of Honor), if they are married, must be married by the Catholic Church.
  • Rehearsals are held the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the ceremony at 5:00 pm. (you will be contacted by our wedding coordinator a week before your rehearsal) it is important that all those who are to participate in the ceremony be present. We ask that you be punctual at all events. If you have hired a wedding coordinator, he/she should talk to the person in charge of the rehearsal from our parish, as your wedding coordinator will not be in charge of the Religious Ceremony.
  • If you wish for a different Priest to celebrate your Marriage, please let us know in advance and know that his stipend, of $100.00 or more (in the Diocese of Oakland), will be separate from our requested fee.



  • You are encouraged to bring your own flowers if you want and it is up to the family to arrange for them. Please remove any other decorations from the church after the ceremony or you are welcome to leave some for our Sunday Masses (we only allow natural flowers)
  • We do not allow the throwing of rice, flowers, seeds or anything else other than silk petals in or outside of the church. If you decide to use silk petals you are in charge of cleaning them up right after the celebration. We do not allow runners, arcs, or pew decorations that obstructs the way either.
  • You will have a half hour before Mass to decorate, and a half hour after Mass for pictures. If you come late for the wedding, the time for pictures will be shortened accordingly.
  • Photographers and videographers are not allowed to go up the steps into the altar area.



The requested donation is $800.00, from which you are asked to give a non-refundable donation of $100.00 in order to reserve the church. We take cash, or checks. If the ceremony is suspended, the parish will keep 50% of the donation.

Matrimonio-Información en Español

Diocese-Marriage Preparation / Preparacion Matrimonial

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Marriage Preparation

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